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Services 技潛服務 

A successful tech dive rely on good training, good gears, and good plan, most of all is the support and logistics!

Gears Service 技潛裝備維修、保養




Dive gears service matters, cause this will affect the safety of diving. Life-support gears like regulators, BCD, and cylinders all need to be check and service annually and if you use them quite frequently, maybe every half year should make them be inspect and service. For this reason, we always get chance to take the technician training for every brand we sell. With this we can provide the products we sold good maintenance, repairment, and even oxygen service.

Gear Rental 技潛裝備租借


Technical diving is a equiptment oriantation activity. With a 40m deco dive, you need at least double tanks, deco tanks, 3 regs, wings, more than one dive light, dive computer, SMB, and lots of accessories. All these years, we find tech diving is not for everyone, so ask a diver to prepare everything in the beginning of his tech diving learning is hard and quite lots of finacial investment. So Dark Tide prepare regulators, Wings, double tanks, stage tanks, and even some dive computer for you to rent. To make your money to dive more to know if you do enjoy the tech dive, then you can buy your own gears.

Gas Blending 混合氣充填



As a technical diver, there're more than 2 different mix gas on your back. But it's hard to find place can mix gas in Taipei, Dark Tide understand this, although it's hard for us to quickly fulfill big quantity of tanks, but with small quantity of mix gas is no problem. Even you are looking for Helium, we have fresh stock here for you!

DAN World Supporter Logo.jpg
DAN World Supporter

技術潛水是個充滿風險的活動,我們也成為了Divers Alert Network潛水員警示網的支夥伴,為您提供更清楚的DAN安全支援與保險諮詢!您可以按左邊圖示連結進入DAN亞太區網頁了解更多資訊或是來店與我們詳談!

As a technical diver, risk is part of your diving, so Dark Tide join Divers Alert Network to support divers more. We now can provide clearly suggestion for DAN's safety support and insurance policy, you can click the DAN logo on left side to log in the DAN Asia Pacific website or just come to Dark Tide for a chat to know more.

For More Inforamtion about above services, please contact us!

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