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Gear 技潛裝備

Human is not born for living in water, so in the underwater world, we rely on the diving gears to keep us alive and exploring. But when the adventure going deeper and going further in distance, the reliablility and function of the gears will determine your safety of the expedition. Dark Tide know the importance of the gears matter the safety of the divers, so we choose the most reliable gears below with our 10-year experience in market.

Apeks 技潛裝備


From British, and developed by the cold of North Atlantic, Apeks produces the world best diaphragm regulator, and all of them pass the world toughest test standard, and support the world deepest scuba diving record down to 335meter deep. With this record, and base on their top crafts and high standard, Apeks developed the whole series of tech diving gears, no matter BCD, valves, and fins all got good feedback from customers.

DE-OX 氣體分析儀


1995年在義大利米蘭,兩位專業潛水員憑著對潛水的熱愛和對產品生產和電子零件的專業創立了TEMC® DE-OX®,專業生產先進、耐用的數位氣體分析裝置供潛水、工業及醫療產業使用。氣體分析儀有多種選擇,包含了氧、氮、氦、一氧化碳及二氧化碳,也有專門設計了測試CCR的氧感應器的機器來幫助潛水員更能掌握氧感應器的狀況。
In 1995, Millan Italy, two expert divers found TEMC® DE-OX® by their passion to dive and skills in electronic components production. DE-OX® produce the advanced, durable digital gas analyzer to provide scuba diving, industry, and medical business. Analyzers can analyze Oxygen, Nitrogen, Helium, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide. They also build a tester to test the CCR’s Oxygen sensors to make divers can understand more about situation of their sensors.

DUI 乾式防寒衣


DUI have various range drysuits can support recreational divers, technical divers, public safety divers, military divers, and commercial divers. With the experience in business for 50 years, they are capable to customize every single drysuit to make sure it fit to keep divers warm and comfortable, and develop quite useful functions and accessories with innovation to suit divers’ dive purposes.

Fourth Element 防寒衣物


Fourth Element的Technical Range 防寒衣物是依高效能、多功能及創新性的原則來設計。採用最新的纖維科技、獨特的搭配方法與特殊設計,Fourth Element成功的在防寒衣業界進行一場水下保暖全新革命!Fourth Element最高等級的濕式防寒衣Proteus曾得到Sport Diver雜誌測試同等級防寒衣最保暖頭銜,多樣、便宜、輕薄且便宜的乾衣內襯衣不但保暖、又抗壓,非常受到技術潛水員歡迎,而最近Fourth Element乾式防寒衣Argonaut也在快速成長的乾衣市場成功的搶攤成功!

The Fourth Element Technical range is designed around the principles of performance, innovation and function. Using the latest fabric technology in unique combinations and designs, the Fourth Element Technical range revolution thermal protection for both Wetsuit and Drysuit diving. Their Top line wetsuit Proteus just got title of the warmest in the range in the Sport Diver magazine test, also the undergarments of drysuit are popular because of their thin, warm, cheap, and pressure resistance, etc. Fourth Element Argonaut Drysuit also join the drysuit market and get good feedback from the divers.

Halcyon 技潛裝備


Halcyon become the leading brad of the market due to it’s innovation in all the gears they development. You can see Halcyon’s BCD, Lighting system, guide line systems, all over the world in the caves, in the oceans, and in the wrecks. With the good reliability, and easy to use, Halcyon proves their products are really “designed by Explorers for Explorers”. Just like the employee of Halcyon said, I dive because it’s my life, my passion, my love!!

Heirichs Weikamp 潛水電腦錶


Heirichs Weikamp是一家位於德國以製造特殊水下相機接頭起家的潛水電腦錶製造商,其設計的電腦錶以公開的SOURCE CODE、多樣的功能、簡單的操作邏輯並搭配彩色自發光的螢幕打入市場,輕薄但全金屬的外殼成功的以OSTC 3在技術潛水市場及OSTC Sport在休閒潛水市場佔有一席之地!
Heirichs Weikamp is a German manufacturer started by producing underwater camera’s special cables and connector then move on to make dive computer. Their latest model OSTC 3 in Tech Diving and OSTC Sport in Recreational Diving are both famous with open source code, multiple functions, colorful LCD monitor, compact and metal made robust housing in the market.

Shearwater 潛水電腦錶


在2004年 Shearwater 成立於加拿大,目標在生產一支適合潛水員的簡單、功能強大、容易使用並價格合理的潛水電腦錶。結合了軟硬體的完美結合,Shearwater成功的將2個按鍵的簡易操作用在強大功能的電腦錶上,並且成功的支援所有的循環水肺,這讓Shearwater在技術潛水市場上很快的獨佔鼇頭。而最新的Perdix潛水電腦錶更是一改之前厚重的外型,更薄、更符合手臂的弧度的設計讓Shearwater在市場上又投下新的震撼彈!

In 2004, Shearwater was founded in Canada, aim to manufacture a simple, powerful, easy-to-use dive computer with reasonable price to divers. Combined with strong hardware knowledge and well-tuned software, Shearwater made a 2-button, easy-to-use dive computer and cooperate with all close-circuit rebreather. This make Shearwater become the top choice of tech dive computer. In the 2016, the new Perdix change the old, heavy housing into a thin, curved new dive computer and ready to rock the market!

SUEX 水中推進器


成立於1999年,SUEX原名為The Submarine Exploration Company,承襲世界第一台水下推進器是義大利人發明的偉大事蹟。SUEX以當今最尖端科技製造高性能、機動強、超耐用、多樣配件並有完整的售後服務的全系列休閒潛水、技術潛水甚至救難及軍用的水中推進器。不論是給自由潛水員使用的Xjoy 2,給休閒潛水員用的Xjoy 7& Xjoy 14,或是具有大扭力、長距離推進能力的Xjoy 37 & XK 1,完整的艦隊適合所有水下工作、遊樂的潛水員!

Founded in 1999, The Submarine Exploration Company - represents the cutting-edge technology of underwater mobility. Performance, reliability, maneuverability, and lots of accessories, complete product range and the excellent after-market service are the cornerstones that make Suex undisputed leader in the underwater scooter market. Xjoy 2 for free divers, Xjoy 7 & Xjoy 14 for recreational diver, Xjoy 37 & XK 1 with longer range power and stronger thrust for tech divers, the whole fleet will meet the request of all underwater workers and fun divers’ needs.

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