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About Dark Tide 暗潮技潛探險基地

暗潮的任務 The Mission of Dark Tide




Tech diving is different from recreational diving, not only personal skills level require but also need more logistics and support to make tech divers safely enjoy their diving. Right now, quite few friends join this dark side, but here in Taiwan, we don’t have any dive center focus on servicing these divers. So we start “ Dark Tide Tech Dive Expedition Base” to help and service tech divers. We provide not just tech dive training, but also tech gears sales, service and maintenance. Except those we have tech gears rental service for divers just starting tech dive to let you have an easy start. Tech Diving community is not a big group, so we need to gather together to have fun, to share the information and enjoy the adventure that fascinate us.


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About Phil 

Who's Phil?


當大學畢業後的一個人旅行在綠島的浮潛之旅之後,那透明的海、美麗的魚和小島的渡假氣氛深深地印在腦海。當兵結束的第一件事不是找工作,而是報名學潛水,接下來一步步地在2003成為潛水長。然而對於潛水技術和知識的著迷,轉而成為技術潛水員,進而在2007成為IANTD技術潛水教練,從此專職技術潛水教育。曾經連續四期在中國國家博物館的水下考古部門的技術潛水訓練執教。即使當上了教練,繼續學習成為技術沉船潛水員、洞穴潛水員、推進器潛水員、Essentials教練及在2015年成為Normoxic Trimix 教練訓練官。不只如此,由於技術潛水對於裝備的大量須求,也因此開始了裝備的研究與接受原廠的訓練,擁有多個品牌的維修技師執照!


Phil started his scuba diving because the snorkel experience in Green Island. At that time the transparent sea water, colorful fishes, and the tropical atmosphere did make him never forget the feelings. After service in army, he subscribed his open water course right away in 2000, and begin dive master in 2003. Afterward, he focus on pursuing dive skills and dive knowledge so that he turn to the dark side of diving – Technical Diving, then become an IANTD instructor in 2007 and focus on technical diving training. Phil used to teach National Museum of China's Underwater Archeology team from entry level tech dive course to Normoxic Trimix.  As an instructor, Phil keep on his learning to become DPV diver, Tech Wreck diver, Tech Cave diver, Essntials instructor, and eventually in 2015 became Normoxic Trimix Instructor Trainer. At the same time he also needs more knowledge in the dive gears, so with his own research and education from the manufacturer, he now also own couple brands’ service technician’s certification.


Phil Hsieh’s Certification 執照:

IANTD Technical Wreck Diver 沉船技術潛水員

IANTD Trimix Diver 缺氧性氦氮氧技術潛水員
IANTD Techincal Cave Diver 洞穴技術潛水員
IANTD OW DPV Instructor 開放水域推進器教練

IANTD Trimix Blender Instructor 氦氮氧混合氣配氣員教練

IANTD Essentials Instructor & IT
            精進潛水員教練 & 教練訓練官

IANTD Adv. Nitrox/ Adv. Recreational Trimix Instructor & IT
            進階高氧/ 進階休閒氦氮氧教練&教練訓練官

IANTD Technical/ Normoxic Trimix Instructor & IT
            技術潛水/ 氦氮氧技術潛水教練&教練訓練官

APEKS/ AQUALUNG/ HALCYON/ SCUBAPRO/ SUEX/ TUSA                   Service Technician 原廠維修技師





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